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Health care workers’ plea: You can save more lives than we can

Should Homelessness be a Death Sentence? 


How do people actually “die from old age”


Aid-In-Dying Requires More Than Just a Law, Californians Find (All Things Considered)

Futility and Doctors in Training (Interview on Weekend Edition: Second Opinion)


Is offering “futile resuscitation” really the right thing to do?


Dying with dignity – what next after the Liverpool care pathway?

How to Inspire Interdisciplinarity: Lessons from the Collegiate System


Hippocratic Hypocrisy: When it comes to CPR, is less care actually better care?


The Hippocratic Paradox: When Is Resuscitating a Patient Doing Them Harm? Featured blog on the front page of Huffington Post, UK


How Academia and Publishing are Destroying Scientific Innovation: A Conversation with Sydney Brenner

Academia and Intellectual Soulcraft: A Conversation with Cornel West. Edited by Josh Booth, Elizabeth Dzeng, Nicholas Mulder and Ryan Rafaty.


Moving Towards a Culture of Care During End of Life Conversations

Bringing Emotions Back Into Medicine


Aid in Dying: A Triumph of Choice Over Care?

Physician as Healer or Harmer? The Ethical Context of Aid in Dying


How Much are Misaligned Incentives in Health Care Costing Taxpayers?


Entrenched biases and structural incentives limit the influence of interdisciplinary research

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 Neither System is Perfect

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Global Scholars Symposium 2013 Press 

Cambridge: Dalai Lama Visit. 19 April, 2013.

Dalai Lama Makes Cambridge Visit. 19 April, 2013. BBC News Cambridgeshire

Warm applause for Dalai Lama’s Cambridge Visit. 20 April, 2013. BBC News

Dalai Lama in Cambridge for Conference on Resolving Conflict. 23 April, 2013.